Stylish Home: 6 Gadgets That Will Decorate the Interior

Technology in homes is becoming more and more, so now it’s important not only the characteristics, but also the design. These 6 gadgets will not only fit harmoniously into the interior but also decorate it.

Xiaomi Jya Wireless LED Table Lamp

Light is the easiest and fastest way to change a space. Therefore, at the stage of renovation, lighting scenarios are always thought through. Soft diffused light creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, and overhead light allows you to quickly concentrate, for example, to get ready for work, directional focuses attention on art or decorative objects.

Xiaomi Jya Wireless LED Lamp can replace several sources of light at once, because it not only allows you to adjust the brightness level but also to change modes. The near, i.e. diffuse, is perfect for working, reading and writing. It will also be perfect to complement evening movie viewing and accompany a night of playing at a bookmaker online gambling website. And the distant, focused light will help to accentuate the room and create a special atmosphere.

The minimalist lamps are equipped with LEDs, which aren’t harmful to eyesight and do not burn out. And the housing is made of high quality aluminum alloy and has no seams. Because the center of gravity of the lamp is shifted to the base of the device, the lamp is as stable as possible and can be placed without a magnetic stand.

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BORK HOME L782 Floor Lamp

Sometimes an interior lacks just one detail that makes the image complete. And often that element is a floor lamp. The BORK model is the final puzzle – it can both softly diffuse light and create directional streams within a radius of one meter.

You can choose the right light brightness and color temperature: neutral, warm for reading, or cool for concentrated work. The modern LEDs used in the floor lamp aren’t harmful to eyesight, don’t burn out and save up to 90% of electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. These safe and energy efficient light sources can last more than 25 years.

Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit EU Smart Lighting System

Nanoleaf Lines is a modular, voice-activated lighting system with different light modes that can synchronize with music or adjust to basic colors on a monitor screen.

It comes with nine panels from which almost any 2D shape can be created – you can make it up yourself or look in the Design Inspirations library with ready-made combinations.

The shapes can be mounted anywhere – on walls, ceilings, or even furniture. The panels support 16 million colors, so it’s easy to create the right atmosphere for any occasion. It’s simple to control the light through the app – there you can set up your own light scenarios, schedule the panels, as well as turn on the music mode to light up the room to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

Crosley Voyager Plus CR8017B-NY4 Navy Vinyl Record Player

A vinyl record player always attracts the attention of guests: audiophiles are interested in the sound, others in the design. Either way, it’s a gadget that you want to put in the most prominent place in the room. It creates a special retro atmosphere, even when just standing off. And when the needle touches the record, the space is instantly transformed.

The Crosley Voyager Plus vinyl player is a pure vintage aesthetic that fits into any space. The stylish and functional device will decorate your interior and allow you to enjoy the clear sound of your favorite music tracks. This model features an upgraded Bluetooth module, wideband speakers with a total power of 10 watts, the ability to play records of any size and at three speeds – 33, 45, and 78 rpm, and the Pitch Control function that changes the speed of the record.

Smeg KLF04CREU Kettle

The blender may be hidden in a cupboard, the microwave and oven in a cabinet, but the kettle’s always in plain sight. Instead of choosing the most laconic and inconspicuous model, make the kettle an accent of the interior. For example, the Technopark Smeg KLF04CREU is presented in a unique shade of “champagne”, which will decorate any kitchen. Put together an entire SMEG collection in this color for the most beautiful and cozy home cooked breakfasts.

Harman/Kardon Citation Oasis Black Radio

It used to be that no home could do without a clock – conventional or digital. But now it has lost a bit of its popularity, because now you can see the time on your phone, laptop or smart watch.

So Harman Kardon has crossed the watch with the radio – the Citation Oasis combines sonic innovation with modern design. The perfect three-in-one gadget. It’s not just the radio – this versatile speaker easily syncs with your phone and tablet and plays your favorite tracks in HD quality.

Convenient night mode automatically turns off Wi-Fi during sleeping hours so you don’t have to worry about pop-up notifications.

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