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Smile Makeover Near Me

A smile makeover is a procedure to improve your smile through a series of cosmetic dental procedures. The process involves several procedures to fix cumulative dental problems and can include a single dental treatment or a combination of dental procedures. These procedures can improve your smile by several shades or even completely transform it. Before you begin any cosmetic dental procedure, it is important to have a full oral exam so that your dentist can properly assess your oral health and determine your specific cosmetic needs.

Dental implants are a great way to straighten teeth that are too severely crooked to be corrected with braces. Dental implants can also help straighten crooked teeth that are not responding to traditional orthodontic treatments. Straight teeth are an essential part of a smile makeover, so visit a cosmetic dentist in your area for more information. The procedure is usually quick, requiring two to three visits. In some cases, you can go back to the same dentist for a second appointment if necessary.

There are many dental treatments for improving a smile that are available in a smile makeover near me. Sedation dentistry is an option for patients who are uncomfortable during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Gade is certified to administer sedation for patients who may need it. During your consultation, you can learn about the different options available to correct the problems with your smile.

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