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Jamendo is an independent music website with a community of independent artists and music lovers. It is a Luxembourg-based subsidiary of AudioValley and has been an independent management entity since 2019. Its goal is to be a global destination for music lovers and independent artists. It offers a wide selection of music for all tastes and genres, and is updated frequently with new releases.

The Jamendo community is made up of over 200,000 active members and boasts an extensive catalog of almost 6,000 albums and 75,000 tracks. The site offers sophisticated tools for identifying music, as well as 56,000 member-written reviews. It also allows fans to create custom playlists and ratings, which are useful for recommending music. Users can also download music on Jamendo using BitTorrent and peer-to-peer networks worddocx.

Once you’ve created an account on Jamendo, you can start listening to music and writing reviews. You can even star individual albums and artists – and even un-star them. You can also customize your settings by customizing automatic posting to Facebook or other social media sites. Jamendo also gives you the option to set up a password, which will protect your information.

Jamendo also offers an Instore Radio Player that allows you to stream music from 30 royalty-free radio stations. The music is carefully curated by Jamendo’s music specialists. Jamendo’s Instore Radio Player costs 4,99 Euros per month and comes with thousands of tracks.

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